Editing & Workshops

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Sliding scale for services. Please contact for more information.


  1. Clear Language & Accessible Information
    • Learn the basic skills needed to create clear language and accessible information documents.
  2. Advanced Clear Language Skill
    • Develop expert skills in clear language writing.

Clear Language & Accessibility Information Editing:

  1. Need a document to be presented to a specific audience?
  2. Not sure how to lower the reading level of a document?

Hire a clear language consultant.

  • I can reduce the reading level to make a document easier to read by a wider audience.
  • Address concerns related to field related jargon.
  • Create easy to read summaries of research.
  • Prepare documents for a neurodivese audience.
  • Make documents meet accessibility guidelines.

Event Accessibility:

Planning an event, but not sure how to make it accessible?

I can help. I have experience planning events that address a variety of accessibility needs. I can assist with:

  • Skill development for creating accessible events.
  • Creating accessibility plans
  • Doing accessibility space evaluations
  • Connecting with accessibility services