Minutes May 23rd

The April meeting between AutistiQueer’s and I didn’t happen. We both forgot about it. We did manage to have a quick meeting today. Most of that discussion was about the need to get more volunteers to help manage the zine project. This process has been started and there are hopes that people will be in […]

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KM Models

#KMb models can help us develop how we will reach out #knowledgemoblization goals. Here are details on three KM models: linear, relationships, and systems.

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Why Clear Language?

When you want to share informationĀ or knowledge with other people there is always a barrier related to communication. The barrier might be that people don’t speak the same language. The barrier might be that jargon is used to talk about a topic. The barrier might be that not everyone communicated in the same way. There […]

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Reblog from Bridget Liang’s Personal blog on the autistiqueer experience #KMb #Reblog #communityColab # AutistiQueers

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KM: Pre or Post

Is KM different if you start is at the beginning or the end of your project? Check out this post to see what we think. #AutistiQueers #Collaboration #KMb #KMbResearch #researchimpact #disability #disabilityresearch #neurodiversity

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