KMb as a Colonial Project

Whats this about From May 31 to June 2 I attended Congress, a large joint conference for the humanities and social sciences. The theme of congress was ‘The Next 150 Years’. Late in the planning, after panels had been submitted and accepted, the theme was altered to ‘The Next 150 Years: On Indigenous Land’. The […]

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KMb & Accessibility

What is this? I created, but never got to present, this paper and presentation. It is about event planning and accessibility, thought I created it specifically with a knowledge mobilization (KMb) audience in mind. You can see why KMb audience is the focus in this blog post called “Accessibility Responsibility” Written Draft of Presentation Hey […]

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Workshop: Clear Language

Hello! To give you an example of the workshops I run here is some details for the clear language and accessible documents workshop. Whats its about? Are your documents designed to be easy to read for people whose second language is English, who have low literacy, or who have cognitive disabilities?  Tools like clear language […]

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Say That How?

Masters Paper: Say That How? Differences in accessibility guidelines for people with cognitive disabilities in Canada and Britain. This paper built up over the first year of my masters. I was beginning to learn about new ways to share information and different ways to understand disability and neurodiversity. As a result, I wrote three papers that […]

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Rec: Crip Fanfiction Research

Recommendation: Crip Fanfiction Research I’m recing this site for two reasons. It’s my roommates site Her research is awesome! Cath does some great research about disability in fan fiction and fan fiction communities. I am so fascinated by the work she does related to these online spaces. Her work also moves outside of fan fiction itself […]

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