Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

What does Accessibility Mean?

Accessibility means to strive to make spaces usable by a larger audience. This can mean making a physical space accessible to people using mobility devises, making things easy to read, or ensuring web pages can be used with accessibility programs on computers.

What is an Accessible Template:

WordPress’ has accessibility-ready template. This means the template is compatible with most online accessible needs. This includes having high contrast text and background. This template, intergalactic, meets the bare minimum of an accessible web space.

Headers and sub-headers:

I use headers and sub-headers so people using screen-readers’s can quick scan a page. This will give an a listener an idea of what is on the page, without having to read a large part of the page.

Images and graphics:

I use a lot of images and graphics to help organize the web-site. Alt-text has been included to help those using screen readers to use the images to know what kind of blog post they might open. For example, resource page alt-text will state the colour theme and what category the blog page is.

Sometimes a more in-depth description is needed, such as in the case of graphs. In these cases there will be a description of the details in a headers /sub-headers.


If videos are embedded, they will also have appropriate headers and sub-headers as well as being captioned, and having a transcript available.

Text size:

Text can be made smaller or larger via the WordPress functions


I strive to use clear language on this web-site. However, some posts will be related to my research. While I will try to use clear language and to explain jargon I may not always meet these goals.

If there is a post that is hard to read please contact with a list of concerns and the name of the blog post.

Accessibility contact:

Please contact me with any concerns via the through this website. You can find that here.

* Accessibility Policy was borrowed, with permission, from Cath. She can be found at Crip Fanfic.