Disability Activist – Researcher – Feminist – PhD Candidate …

There are many labels that I can apply to myself, and many more that others apply to me.

What many of these labels boil down to is my desire to share knowledge in order to change society.


In order to share knowledge I’ve learned a huge variety of skills.

  • I can translate academic texts into clear language.
  • I’m adept at helping people find new, effective ways, to share knowledge
  • I direct workshops to build skills knowledge sharing skills in others
  • I’ve explored a wide variety of accessible document formate
  • I’m learning more about art-based ways to share knowledge

This is a process I am always learning more about. I have learned the most from the groups I am active in. From archives, to marches, to social media I believe we need to search for the right medium for the right people, which can change with the time. So, adaptability is key.

Picture of Hilda cuddling with a small brown puppy

Social Media

I will be connecting other forms of social media I’m involved with to this website.  Each form of social media will talk about the same things, sharing knowledge, but will be customized to those formats.

  • My tumblr will be more about the personal struggles people experience.
  • While Instagram will be focused on my experience of the world.
  • And Academia.edu will be more of a space to hold academic reports.

Supporting Voices

All these social media will focus a bit more on me. Hence this site will be developed and shaped into a space where I can promote other’s voices. I’ll do this with:

  • guest blog posts
  • links and summaries to other blogs
  • details on social justice events

and whatever else might come up.

Thank you for sticking around.  I hope you enjoy!