Disability Social Justice Organizations

Finding Disability Social Justice Organizations

One of the main things I struggle with is trying to find disability organizations.

Weather it is to get involved or because I need some supports. It can be hard to find resources. I haven’t found a central place that keeps everything in one place.

I’d like to try solve that, but given disability social justice organizations can go from being large to small it would be difficult to bring them all together. Instead, I’ll just list the organizations I’m aware of.

If you know of any I should add let me know!

Related to Madness:

  1. Mad Pride
  2. Psychiatric Survivors Archives of Toronto
  3. Rendezvous with Madness
  4. Workman Arts

Related to Neurodiversity

  1. People First Ontario

Related to Disability in General:

  1. Canadian Disability Policy Alliance
  2. Arch Disability Law Centre
  3. Disability Pride March
  4. Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds

Student Disability Organizations:

  1. Canadian Disability Studies Association-Association Canadienne des Études sur L’Incapacité
  2. Critical Disability Studies Student Association
  3. Students for Barrier Free Access

Disability & Other Identities

  1. Ace Toronto
  2. DisAbled Women’s Network Canada
  3. Ethno-Racial People with Disabilities Coalition of Ontario (ERDCO)
  4. Autistic Queers

*ARCH has a list with more support organization that can be found here.


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