Disability on YouTube

Disability Youtube Channels:

Regular posts as of Feb 2017:

Rikki Poynter:

  • Rikki is a Deaf person who makes videos on a ton of topics. Deaf activism/culture, mental health, nerdy things.
  • She is great to watch, often funny, and just a wonder.
  • #Nomorecraptions: Active in getting youtube channels to have good captions.

Annie Elainey:

  • Annie is a woc who talks about her experience getting diagnosised, the intersectional experiences of being a woc with physical and meath health disabilities.
  • Active in trying to get more people to describing images for accessibility needs.

Molly Burke:

  • Molly if a blind women who began with beauty vlogs, who also talks about disability activism.

Anna Akana:

  • Anna’s channel is a mix of comedy, cats, and informative anti-bulling and anti-suicide.
  • She is a successful asian women who you should check out!

Less Frequent Posts as of Feb 2017:


  • Marina is another great woc. Her Feminist Fridays videos are great.
  • She talks about the intersectional aspects being a woc, with depression and anxiety.
  • She doesn’t post consistently but her material is great.

Josh Sundquist:

  • Josh had one of his legs removed due to cancer. He is now a successful motivational speaker and author.
  • He is funny who talks about his experiences and uses comedy to educate people.

Andrea Lausell:

  • Andrea is a latina women with spinabifada who talks about feminism, disability activism, review disability products and latinx culture.

Hot Pink Sun:

  • Long funny stories about life and disability.

ASL Stew:

  • Run by a couple, one hearing and one Deaf women, who talk about Deaf/hearing relationships, ASL interpertation, and Deaf culture.
  • It is a great


  • Personal channel of a black queer person who does comedy and has recently started talking about their experience with mental health diagnosis.

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