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I am so glad that you are interested in the Knowledge Mobilization Project that AutistiQueers and I are working on. To get more details about the project please check out the pages on the sidebar (click the three lines in the top left).

We are posting four blogs a month related to the project. Check out the blog to connect with those. Feel free to leave a comment to ask questions or start a discussion. We are working on getting a forum up and running. This should make it easier for people to talk and network.

Other details on the site

Before hosting the project this was my personal site. I hope you find lots of interesting information here.  I have details on:

  • my consultation services (both in accessibility events and clear language).
  • a blog where I post some info about topics that I’m passionate about.
  • details on my past and current research projects
  • links to interesting blogs and posts
  • and resources

Have a look around!

But this blog isn’t just about me!

I want this blog to create space for marginalized folks to talk about topics that affect us. If you are interested in writing a guest blog feel free to contact me with a 100 word summary!

PS. All photos used on the site were taken by me unless otherwise stated!